Straight way to get there
Prepare it Design it Make it happen
On time

We think that the way things are prepared is key for successful delivery of an investment. For many years Multiconsult’s team has been using its experience to support its Clients.


Our dynamic and experienced Design Centre team carries out projects both in Poland and abroad. We design using lates 3D technologies.


Multiconsult Polska’s engineers support effictively whole cycle of an investment in each discipline.


Muliconsult is a leader in the areas of investment’s supervision in roads, rail, energy and environment.

In brief

"Over 100 years of the Company's history all over the worls and over 20 years of its history in Poland give this kind of certainty of profesionalism and experience gained in many important projects."

Jarosław Wielopolski President of the Board
Managing Director

History, Presence and Future
Our history
For over 108 years we have been creating our history together with our Clients. We have been present in Poland since 1992 (Multiconsult Polska sp. z o.o. changed is name after being acquiried by Multiconsult ASA from WS Atkins International Limited)
Who we are now?
Multiconsult is a leading engineering consultancy in Norway, Scandinavia and Poland. We offer engineering support, design, project management, project monitoring, technical review and supervisory services.
Our plans for the future
Stable growth, meeting Client's needs and taking part in initiatives that base on innovative technologies of the future. This is our recipe.
Our competence

Power engineering

Environmental Protection


Road nad Highways

Rail and Automatic

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Bridging the past and the future

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